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English on the phone

Language Training on the phone

English on the Phone expands your language skills quickly and effectively. The language training through lively lessons with a highly qualified coach phone to language success.

Participants learn how to talk on the phone, are expanding fast and fluid communication and improve their understanding of English calls in a short time.


10 sessions of 30 minutes per module


The training intensity on the phone optimizes the English skills quickly and effectively. The contents are designed in close cooperation with our customers on the respective employees and their work requirements.


Your telephone coach is experienced and expert in building a dynamic communication.

Training Material

Your personal educational materials will be sent weekly via email.

Possible training content can amongst others


  • honorifics and their importance for a successful phone call
  • on the phone
  • appointments
  • handling of complaints
  • call control
  • questioning techniques summarize
  • discussion results
  • For complex issues inform
  • Basic of grammar and vocabulary work
  • Authentic case studies from your everyday
  • Role playing on the phone
  • Prerequisite

  • intermediate level (B1 on EU framework of reference)
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