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Interpreting - our interpreters provide expertise and interpersonal skills

No matter for which language and sector: whenever you need an interpreter, we work exclusively with high qualified language experts that boast a native level of competence in the language you need. Our interpreters have a degree in translation studies or a similar degree and are qualified to work as interpreters.

Qualified interpreters

In contrast to translating, when it comes to interpreting it is not only about capturing the content of the spoken output text. Rather, it is also gestures, facial expressions, body language, intonation and speed of the speaker that have to be captured and transferred. Interculturality is thus one of the essential soft skills for an interpreter and we only work with experts who have an international and multicultural background. Our network offers right interpretation for each situation - whether court interpreters, simultaneous interpreters, conference interpreters and liaison interpreter in every country and for all the languages that are listed below.

Part of our service portfolio

[Li] liaison interpreting [/ li] [li] Simultaneous interpreting and whispered [/ li] [li] Bilateral Interpreting - between two parties at different source languages [/ li] [li] Simultaneous interpretation in Relay Mode [/ li] [li] liaison interpreting - and bilaterally (eg initiate business) [/ li] [li] conference interpreting - interpreting at conferences, international summits or professional conventions [/ li] [li] Consecutive - delayed interpreting with note-taking to produce a target-language text [/ li] [li] Court Interpreting [/ li] [li] Sign Language Interpreting [/ li]

Language combinations

[Li] Italian> German | German> Italian [/ li] [li] English> German | German> English [/ li] [li] Spanish> German | German> Spanish [/ li] [li] French German> | German > French [/ li]

A flawless, technically correct interpretation of source and target language is a requirement for us. We place special emphasis on the social skills of our interpreters.

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